Safe and Wild Clothing are proud to be working with Saiga Conservation Alliance and our 50% of profits from the Saiga range will be given to the SCA to help save and secure the future of theses incredible antelope.


Hand-printed and ethically sourced in the UK


Material - 100% organic cotton (white)

Material - 70% organic cotton/30% viscose (grey)


Information about the Saiga and Saiga Conservation Alliance


The saiga antelope once roamed across Europe and North America alongside mammoths and sabre-toothed cats. Saigas live in some of the harshest lands in the world, often migrating long distances between summer and winter pastures. 


Once numbering in the millions, the saiga population crashed by 95% in fifteen years, the fastest decline ever recorded for a mammal species. They are now critically endangered. 


Saigas are under threat for several reasons; they are increasingly hunted for their meat and valuable horns, which are believed to have medicinal purposes. Oil and gas exploration and transportation as well as the laying of new road and rail infrastructures are hindering saiga migrations and impeding access to traditional pastures, many of which are being threatened by increasing livestock numbers.


The Saiga Conservation Alliance works across the saiga’s range in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan as well as in consumer countries such as China, to secure its future. 


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Saiga Conservation Alliance - Women's Tee

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