Who does your purchase help?

At least 20% of all profits go to helping animal protection and conservation charities across the world.

We're super proud to be working with, or have donated to, all of these organisations and would love it if you found out a bit more about them, the amazing work they do, and maybe even support them in other ways.

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Saving The Survivors

Saving the Survivors was founded in 2012 to attend to injured endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. Most of their efforts have been directed at rhino due to the vicious attacks that many of them have fallen victim to.



Saiga Conservation Alliance

The Saiga Conservation Alliance works across the saiga’s range in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Uzbekistan as well as in consumer countries such as China, to secure its future



Sea Shepherd

By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations.



Malath Canaan Rescue Jordan

A foster based network with a mission of rescuing as many stray dogs as we can in Jordan.

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Animals Asia

Animals Asia promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring about long-term change, especially rescuing Moon Bears who are kept in the bear bile industry.



SPANA Charity

SPANA has been the charity for the working animals of the world since 1923, providing free veterinary care to horses, donkeys, mules and camels in some of the world’s poorest countries. 

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The Rainforest Trust

In 1988, three visionary conservationists had a bold plan: to purchase and protect threatened rainforests and save endangered wildlife through community engagement and local partnerships.

Their vision became Rainforest Trust. And 30 years later, our mission remains the same.


Want to suggest another?

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