About Us

100% ethical. 100% original.


We're Emma and Dan (that's Dan in the picture with a friend we made in Myanmar), and we're the people behind Safe and Wild LTD.  Every product made, email sent, and picture posted is done by us. 


Our passions are animals and travelling and wherever we are in the world you'll usually find us making friends with stray cats and dogs or finding environmentally friendly ways to enjoy the amazing ecosystems our planet has to offer.

Safe and Wild LTD was founded on our belief that the natural world has two fundamental rights, to be safe and to be wild.

Inspired by our love of the natural world, our vegan lifestyle, and travelling, Safe and Wild LTD brings you apparel, designed and printed in-house in the UK, with a focus on originality, ethics and quality.

At least 20% of our profits go to animal protection and conservation charities to ensure that your purchases directly influence the lives of animals around the globe.  Keep the look out for our limited run, special edition ranges focussing on a single cause.  See who we're helped so far on our 'charities we help' page.

We hope you love our clothing, remember to tag us in your Instagram pictures, we love seeing you!

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